Fun of the big top

Anke De Boer performing at Circus Ginnett pitched at Daventry Country Park. NNL-141217-155642001
Anke De Boer performing at Circus Ginnett pitched at Daventry Country Park. NNL-141217-155642001

There will be a wide variety of entertainment from different performers as a circus is coming to Daventry Country Park starting next week.

Circus Ginnett is coming to the area with a brand new show as part of a nationwide tour with an array of performers from across the globe.

The traditional circus run in a modern style and have the traditional funny clowns and clown cars, jugglers, acrobats, contortion artists as well as aerial acts.

There will also be modern and contemporary acts such as, cube, adagio, star and hula hoops making us a truly entertaining show.

The group has artists from Bulgaria, Holland, Ireland, and the UK and many other country’s from around the world coming to work with us each season.

Anke de Boer, one of the performers from Circus Ginnett said: “The mix of sizzling excitement, perfectionism and up-tempo humour await you in the latest production of Circus Ginnett.

“The result is a smooth running fun filled performance that captivates the audience from the beginning to the end.

“A show that once again proves that circus art is valued entertainment for all ages.

“The long family history and the friendly image makes Circus Ginnett truly unique entertainment.

“As soon as you step into our big top you will feel the magic called circus.

“Leave your day to day things and come to enjoy what the traditional circus still has to offer.”

Performances will take from Tuesday March 31 to Saturday April 4. The first showing is at 6pm on Tuesday.

It will then run at 2pm and 5pm on Wednesday April 1, 3pm and 6pm on Thursday April 2.

Circus Ginnett will then perform at 3pm and 6pm on Friday April 3 with a final performance taking place at noon on Saturday.

Tickets for the first performance cost £5 for viewers of any age.

Prices for subsequent shows are £10 for adults and £7 for children.

There are a family tickets available for £30 which includes two adults and two children.

The Daventry Express has also teamed up with Circus Ginnett to offer discounted tickets for readers.

Anyone who takes along this story with them to the ticket office will be able to gain admission for an entrance price of £6

For more information or to book tickets call 07582 353634 or look at