Free breakfasts to help Daventry students prepare for exams

One of the UTC's students at the breakfast scheme
One of the UTC's students at the breakfast scheme

Students preparing for exams at a Daventry school are being given a helping hand with a free breakfast scheme.

This week, Daventry University Technical College (UTC) has started a new breakfast initiative in order to support its year 11 students with the upcoming exams.

The breakfast initiative has been organised by teachers in order to encourage year 11 students to eat breakfast every day, especially in preparation for their GCSE exams.

It is estimated that around 27 per cent of boys and 39 per cent of girls skip breakfast some or all of the time.

Research has found that skipping this meal significantly reduces students’ attention and their ability to recall information. Simply having a bowl of cereal will give students the concentration and memory boost they need.

Until the end of the exam period, UTC’s year 11 students will have an opportunity to enjoy a free and healthy breakfast every morning at the beginning of their school day.

Richard Odell, the UTC’s PE teacher and one of those organising the breakfast scheme, said: “Our students are working very hard during the revision period and we want to support them as much as we can.

“I am grateful to all staff who generously donated breakfast items. We have also received fantastic support from our local Aldi, Co-op, Waitrose, as well as Brewsters Café from Markfield, Leicestershire.

“I really hope that this message reaches as many schools and households as possible in order to encourage and promote more such initiatives. It really is a fantastic start of the day when students and staff can spend half an hour socialising each morning in a friendly environment.”

The UTC is appealing for more breakfast donations from local business.