Former mayor of Daventry and union man passes away

Jim Humphreys during one of his times as mayor
Jim Humphreys during one of his times as mayor

A three-time Mayor of Daventry, union convenor and Working Men’s Club man has passed away.

James – known as Jim – Humphreys died peacefully on September 23 aged 92 in Carmarthen Hospital, Wales.

Jim (pictured) was born in Poplar, East London, in 1922 and was a life-long West Ham football supporter.

He married Sue and they had three daughters – Carol, Helen and Margaret.

They moved to Daventry from South Ockendon in Essex in 1967 when Ford Motor Company opened a new parts operation in the town.

Almost immediately Jim become involved in the local community, and was convenor at Ford Motor Company from 1967 until he retired early to look after his wife Sue, who passed away in 1997.

Jim was elected as a councillors for the town. Jim was chosen to be Mayor of Daventry in 1975, and again in both 1979 and 1987. He was then made the first Burgess of Daventry – an honorary title for those who had dedicated their lives to the civic running of the town.

A spokesman for his family said: “Jim continued as a councillor for many years, and became president of Daventry Working Men’s Club.

“He was involved in many other local organizations – truly a man of the people.”

Jim leaves his three daughters, six grandchildren and seven great grand children.

His funeral will be held at Holy Cross Church, Daventry, at 1pm on Thursday October 8.