Focus is on CCTV solution

CCTV in the town has moved a step closer to being saved after a meeting on Monday night.

Members of Daventry Town Council (DTC) heard a proposal which is designed to prevent the loss of the CCTV and monitoring service in the town centre.

Daventry District Council (DDC) has said it will stop funding the town’s CCTV from April next year and has asked for other bodies to come forward and help with the costs.

This has come despite figures released last week which showed more than 1,700 incidents were captured in the 12 months from April 2010. This led to 190 arrests.

The current option discussed at the meeting would see the creation of a new partnership consisting of police, DDC, DTC, the Crime Reduction Partnership and the the Daventry Business Partnership (DBP).

Northamptonshire Police would provide a control room at the station in New Street while the DBP could provide trained staff to enable monitoring of the CCTV cameras, initially commiting to 30 hours per week to be employed at the key times.

DTC would also look to provide £20,000 for the year 2012/13 and on an annual basis.

The plan has been welcomed by one business owner in the town.

Peter Harper of Harpers in Sheaf Street, said: “It is a very important asset for the entire community and I think every effort should be done to retain it.

“If you have got some problems in the town centre, they can be easily dealt with. It has got to be useful for the police, for the business and for people in the town.”

The meeting saw members of DTC agree to authorise the town clerk to continue negotiations with relevant partners before committing any funding.