Flore woman says goodbye to long hair in honour of grandad

Cutting it - Chelsea is pictured with Tabitha Hunt.
Cutting it - Chelsea is pictured with Tabitha Hunt.

A Flore woman with beautiful long tresses is saying goodbye to her hair in memory of her Grandad.

Chelsea Doe is holding The Big Chop at 2pm on Saturday and is appealing for donations.

She said: “I will be having a severe haircut with a huge 14 inches cut off my hair.

“I will then donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust where they will make a free wig for a child going through hair loss from chemotherapy. I am also asking for sponsors and am hoping to raise £1,000 (£500 for Macmillan Nurses and £500 for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice).”

Her Granddad John Martin died of a brain tumour in August.

Chelsea said: “It was very quick and unexpected. Just this year my Granddad abseiled the lift tower in Northampton, went wreck diving and went cage diving with sharks! He wasn’t your typical Granddad. I am hosting this event in his memory.”

The hair cut will take place at Whilton Locks Garden Village.

“It’s being done by Ellie McMullan, who had a special place in her heart for my Grandad and is always talking about him and his famous chocolate cake.

“Whilton Locks Garden Village ware kindly hosting this event. They are offering 14% off of all their giftware and Christmas products on this special day.”