Flore pupils step back in time

Pupils from Flore Primary School visited St John;s Museum in Warwick
Pupils from Flore Primary School visited St John;s Museum in Warwick
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Flore Primary school visited St John’s Museum, Warwick, to experience Victorian life.

The class were split between the activities, with one group beginning their day in the Victorian Schoolroom. A member of Heritage Education staff helped the children to dress in traditional Victorian school uniforms; sailor collars for the boys and pinafores for the girls.

The Victorian schoolmistress entered corrected postures and children were asked to say ‘good morning mam!’ before entering the Victorian schoolroom.

With help from the Victorian schoolmistress, the children followed the 3Rs, read from the school readers, counted on the abacus and even practised vocal gymnastics.

Parent volunteers also immersed themselves into their roles of the vicar’s wife and Eleanor Archer, patron of the school.

As the session came to an end, children were shocked to see the cane that pupils would have been punished with in the Victorian schoolroom.

The bell rang to signal the end of school and time to experience the Victorian Laundry with the help of Charlotte, St John’s Museum’s Victorian laundry maid.

Pupils were shown the soaps that laundry maids would have used in the Victorian era and then got stuck-in to experience how much energy it took to wash laundry. The children were shown how to pump the water, grate the soap, use the dolly and posser in the tub and mangle the washing before hanging it out to dry.