Five decades working for the same family farm near Daventry

From left, Malcolm Crisp, Jo Adams, and his father Jo Adams.
From left, Malcolm Crisp, Jo Adams, and his father Jo Adams.

A farm worker has marked 50 years of working on the same farm, for the same family.

Malcolm Crisp is a general farm worker and tractor driver at Thrupp Grounds Farm.

He started working at the farm aged 15 in 1965.

Five decades on he has worked for four generations of the Adams family, all called Jo.

Mr Crisp said: “I’ve stayed here because I like it.

“I enjoy working with the machines, using the tractors, ploughing, that type of thing.

“Things have changes so much over the years.

“When I started we had a small tractor and a three furrow plough, that we had to take down to two. There would be three, four or even five tractors working a field and it’d take all winter to plough the whole farm.

“Now there’s just one guy in a tractor, and we finish in October usually.

“I enjoy ploughing. Some people get bored with it, but it’s not a simple job and you have to be aware of what’s going on all the time.”

Mr Crisp initially lived in one of the landowners’ cottages in Norton, but these days lives in Hillmorton.

Thrupp Grounds Farm lies just off the B4036 between Daventry and the Long Buckby A5 crossroad. The farm is mixed with some arable crops as well as keeping sheep and cattle.

Jo Adams, the youngest of the Jos Mr Crisp has worked for, said: “Malc doesn’t like a fuss, so to mark the 50 years of him working on the farm we had a round of applause in the office on Monday morning and I gave him a cheque to thank him.

“It’s pretty rare in farming for a worker to stay at one farm for so long.

“But the past two guys that retired from the farm had been working here for 50 years as well.

“It’s amazing to think he’s worked for the same family for 50 years – he’s worked for my great-grandfather, grandfather when he first started, and now it’s my father and me, and we’ve all been Jo Adams. I’m hoping to make it a fifth generation with my son Jo who’s three now.

Jo’s father said: “Malcolm is a man of the soil. He likes doing things, and his favourite job is ploughing.”