Firm is hit by smells

A FOOD company in Daventry could be forced to move due to rancid smells wafting over its site.

Little and Large Catering, based on Daventry’s Marches industrial estate, has been suffering from smells similar to rotting rubbish, or off milk, for almost a year, despite complaints to environmental health.

Les Midson, who runs the company, said: “The smell is like rotting food. It’s not the type of smell you can get used to or ignore.

“It’s so bad that our employees don’t like going out into the back yard during their breaks. We’ve even had one lady who left due to it.”

The firm has got in touch with environmental health officers at Daventry District Council.

A council spokesman said: “ The environmental health team has given them log sheets to fill in to record the smells and times for a couple of weeks.

“The team will then investigate it and determine its source, and take any enforcement action as necessary.”

Although the officers have yet to officially identify the source of the smells, Mr Midson believes it is probably coming from the nearby waste sorting facility where household recycling is sorted before being sent on for processing.

Mr Midson said: “The unit’s been there a long time, but the smells only started a year ago or so, so I don’t know if they’re doing anything different.

“It’s not good for a catering company to have these types of smells. It’s bad for the workers, but it’s also bad if we get clients coming around.If it carries on like this, I’ll have to look at moving.

“The other thing is that industrial units are close to homes, and the recycling unit is even closer. If we can smell it, I would be surprised if homes couldn’t smell it as well.”