Firm defends bus ticket price rises

Stagecoach Midlands says rising costs and reduced public sector investment have forced it to increase fares for passengers by nearly four per cent.

Ticket prices on the firm’s services in Northamptonshire will rise by an average of 3.9 per cent from Sunday, April 14.

Most fares have increased by between 5p and 10p. But in Daventry singles and returns will increase by approximately 5p to 20p. Megarider prices will also go up, although all online 28- day and megarider Xtra pass prices will be frozen.

The company said continued rising labour, energy, fuel and insurance costs, and reduced public sector investment in bus services, had left them with no choice but to increase some fares.

Steve Burd, managing director of Stagecoach Midlands, said: “We understand this will be frustrating for our passengers. Unfortunately we have had to take some difficult decisions but we have done our best to keep rises to a minimum.”