Fire control room new to Daventry

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THE primary control room for the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service is moving to Daventry.

The control room is currently based in Northampton where it serves as a central operation centre but will be relocated and is due to go live in the town in April next year.

Station manager in Daventry Mick Berry said: “We are very pleased to have the control room based here next year because it is much needed and will allow us to work more closely with the Warwickshire fire and rescue service (WFRS) in future.

“The control room is strategically placed to allow for more collaborative working WFRS and for the sharing of resources.

“Emergency call handling and mobilising of resources will be done in a more cost effective way by working together.”

Mr Berry said that at times like this cutting costs, while maintaining the highest possible standard of service, is imperative and that sharing resources was a sensible thing to do.

It is also good news that following the Government’s national regional control project - which would have meant Northamptonshire’s control centre closing and service being provided from Castle Donnington - that NFRS have been able to secure funds to invest in a local facility.

Thanks to that funding the control room is currently under development at the Daventry site at the rear of the station.

This is just one of many ways the Daventry fire and rescue service is leading the way in the county.

The station is also home to the county’s only incident command unit - which is deployed to all major incidents in Norhtamptonshire and neighbouring areas.

The unit has up-to-date technology and information to inform all emergency service workers of the situation when arriving at a large incident and assists by providing a space for communication.