Fines could be passed to council

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FINES for breaches of EU could effectively be charged to local taxpayers.

Tonight Daventry District Council’s strategy group will discuss a consultation from the Government looking at whether it can make authorities liable for fines incurred by them breaching EU rules.

As part of the Localism Bill the Government is looking at making all local authorities liable for any fines imposed for breaching EU law. Until now central Government has been responsible for paying.

So far the UK has never had a fine imposed, but they could run into millions of pounds and require daily or periodic payments.

The change would mean that not only would Daventry District Council, and therefore local council tax payers, face fines if it breached EU law, but it could also be liable for fines if any of its contractors breached the law.

The report before councillors warns the EU requires the council to meet numerous provisions and targets from how energy efficient its buildings are, the percentage of waste recycled, how we procure goods and services, and meeting carbon reduction targets.