Find out about becoming a councillor

PEOPLE interested in becoming a councillor can find out more at an open evening.

People from all backgrounds and walks of life are being encouraged to consider becoming an elected councillor by Daventry District Council (DDC).

DDC currently has 38 councillors who have been elected to represent both the interests of a defined area or ‘ward’, and also the district as a whole.

The councillors make decisions that guide the council and decide what money should be spent on, what services should be delivered, and what policies should be implemented.

They also keep a close eye on how things are working and make sure that they are representative of their local constituents and organisations.

People who want to become councillors must be able to prove that they are 18 years of age or over, British, or a Commonwealth or EU citizen, and live in or have some connection with the district.

Councillor Chris Millar, leader of Daventry District Council, said: “It is important in a healthy democracy that we have elected members from as wide a demographic background as possible.

“Councillors have lots of responsibilities and duties, but with that pressure comes the satisfaction of knowing that you are working on behalf of your constituents and serving their best interests, and I would encourage anyone who might be interested to contact the Council and find out how they can make a difference to their community.”

If you would like to find out more about what councillors do and how to become a candidate the council is having an open evening on February 21.

For more information go to or call 01327 871100.