Fighting to save dog rescue centre

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CAMPAIGNERS fighting to keep a dog rescue centre open will hold a demonstration today (Friday).

The Supporters of Brixworth’s Jerry Green Dog Rescue will gather outside the centre on Creaton Road in the village at 10am.

It was announced on May 25 that the charity is proposing to close the Brixworth site, along with a sanctuary in Suffolk, after operating at a loss for the past two years.

Campaigner Rebecca Calcott said: “In 2010 the Brixworth Jerry Green centre re-housed 174 dogs, one of the highest totals in the group of seven rescue centres run by the Jerry Green Foundation Trust.

“If the centre closes, with other regional centres all at capacity, this poses a serious problem for unwanted dogs in the area.

“Many hundreds of owners who have adopted rescue dogs rely on the after-care and support that the centre provides.”

Jerry Green Dog Rescue chief executive David Foulds has said the charity is currently in a consultation process with staff.

He added that the foundation has no other option but to look at closing sites after losing money for the past two years.

Everyone is welcome to attend the supporters’ gathering today.