Fewer young people out of work in Daventry district

Job Centre Plus, DDC offices. ENGNNL00120140124120041
Job Centre Plus, DDC offices. ENGNNL00120140124120041

There has been a drop of more than two thirds in the numbers of young people in Daventry district out of work show the lastest job seekers allowance claim figures.

Month-on-month the figures for Daventry are practically identical, with one more claimant.

Compared to last year there are 41 per cent fewer people claiming jobseeker’s allowance (JSA), and when you look at younger people the figure has dropped by 71 per cent. This time last year there were 140 people aged 18 to 24 claiming the benefit, now there are 40.

Jayne Rouse of Jobcentre Plus said: “Across the board it’s a very encouraging picture for Daventry.

“Supporting young people into work and making sure wages continue to rise are two key things for the Government.

“With many young people getting their A-level results today, and their GCSE results next week, we have been speaking to young people looking for work.

“What are finding is that young people are seeing that there’s no work experience available out there, and without experience they can’t get a job.

“So we are launching a campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #WEcan to highlight the benefits of work experience.

“The campaign is supported by 30 national companies, and we want others to support it to.”