Fewer say they are Christian

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THE percentage of people living in the Daventry district saying they are Christian has dropped say census results.

The basic results of the 2011 census were released this week. They show 64.7 per cent of residents identified themselves as Christian in 2011, compared to 76.1 per cent in 2001.

The Bishop of Brixworth, the Right Rev John Holbrook has urged caution in interpreting the figures.

He claims that the rise in the number of people claiming to be of “no religion” is ‘almost certainly’ due to a growing number who do not associate themselves with any one denomination, rather than an indication of a lack of interest or even lack of faith. He also said the percentage claiming to be Christian in the Peterborough Diocese was above the national average (59.3).

The figures also show that in 2011 six per cent of the district’s population were born aboard.

But that dropped to 2.7 when asked if they had arrived in the UK since the 2001 census.