Feast funds could be best yet

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The Long Buckby Feast looks set to have raised more money than ever before after a long weekend of live music, local produce and much more.

Thousands turned out to the annual feast which began last week with a quiz night and culminated in a large feast in Market Place on Monday.

Jackie Green  won 1st prize in the Buckby Feas Pudn competition

Jackie Green won 1st prize in the Buckby Feas Pudn competition

This year villagers were joined by twinning partners from Damville in Normandy.

Hilary Tibbs one of the feast organisers said: “It was really lovely to have our twinning partners here with us, they opened the feast for us and performed a dance.

“The whole feast was absolutely amazing. The weather was brilliant and the sun shone for us.

“As yet I can’t say how much the total is but we hope it will be massive because we have probably taken the most we have ever taken on the door.”

As always, villagers competed to be crowned the winner of the ‘feas pudn’ competition, a fruit pudding based on an old local recipe. This year’s winner was Jackie Green from Five Green Lane.

She said: “I have been trying to win the competition for seven years and I’ve finally cracked it!

“It was a different sort of recipe this year, a bit more modern and they cut down the cooking time, though I did get up at 2.15am to make sure the pudding was cooked. So it was really lovely to win.”

The weekend included performances from the Elation Community Voices Choir, who formed after last year’s feast, a Chinese food night with palm readings and a produce and craft show.

As always, funds raised from the feast will go to the Buckby Feast Trust set up to support good causes and charities associated within Long Buckby.