Fears over potential changes to Daventry housing board

Daventry District Council
Daventry District Council

There are fears moves to make changes to the way Daventry and District Housing (DDH) is run could lead to key decisions being taken miles away from the town.

The Daventry Express has learnt that the future of DDH’s board is in question, and been told one member has already quit over the issue. DDH and its parent company Futures Housing Group are considering how to run the association in future.

The DDH board’s decisions impact on thousands of households who are its tenants in Daventry and across the wider district. Currently the local board includes representatives of tenants, members from Daventry District Council, as well as officials.

The fear is it could be moved to, or its roles combined with, its parent board based in Ripley – a 90-minute drive away from Daventry up the M1.

The DDH board makes decisions on the running of the association, from spending on refurbishments, to the buying or building of new properties. DDH also runs several community projects, including its Youth Board and Community Chest grant scheme, as well as its annual community Star Awards.

David Leathley, Daventry and District Housing tenant and vice-chair of the board, said: “DDH is considering its governance arrangements to ensure we are fit for the future.

“DDH will remain as a landlord and employer and the 
association will retain a

“In fact, we are looking to strengthen local arrangements for residents to influence our services and decisions, together with an increased presence in the local community.

“We have an absolute commitment to Daventry, our tenants, staff and local communities.”

However, the company could not say whether the board would remain local to Daventry or if it would be based at the parent company’s base in Ripley, Derbyshire.

One concerned reader contacted the Daventry Express. They said: “We’ve been told the local DDH board is going to be dissolved.

“What that will mean is the functions of the board being moved to the group board in Ripley.

“What does that mean for local decision making?

“Even if they keep local members on it, will they be able to always travel to Ripley?”