Fears over loss of rehab care beds

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The loss of rehabilitation beds from Daventry’s Longlands Care Home was highlighted at a meeting on Monday.

The Danetre Medical Practice Patient Relationship Group, and the Abbey House and Monksfield Surgeries Patient Reference Group held the meeting to discuss the impact the proposed closure of the Grange Care Home would have on Longlands.

Originally Northamptonshire County Council said it wanted to close the Grange as the building was ‘not fit for purpose’ and move all residents into the Longlands Care Home, located behind Danetre Hospital in town. That plan would mean Longlands would no longer have room for the rehab beds, or respite care beds, it currently provides.

At the meeting Jane Franklyn said: “Removing the rehab beds means people will have to go to Northampton or Corby.

“When people are recovering, asking their family and friends to travel may mean they don’t do it as much, which can hamper their recovery.”

However, representatives of the council said they had looked again at their plans for respite care, and were working to make provision for some beds at Longlands, with the potential for more at the Everlyn Wright Home in Daventry, and at locations in South Northants currently covered by Longlands. They also said they would most likely seek authorisation for a feasibility study into building homes with ‘extra care’ services on the old Grange site.

Cllr Chris Over said: “NCC have known about this problem for years, have failed to make re-provision and are scrambling, inevitably trying to get a quart into a pint pot.

“The solution is replace and, at the same time, increase capacity, then close The Grange Care Home.”