Fears expressed for Monksmoor school

COUNCILLORS fear proposed changes to the Monksmoor development could lead to a primary school not being built on the site.

Crest Nicholson, the developers of Monksmoor asked for changes to be made to the plans for the 1,000-home estate to be built north of Daventry Country Park.

At a meeting of Daventry District Council’s (DDC) planning committee last week, a decision on the changes was deferred for further talks between Crest Nicholson and DDC officials.

The requested changes would have seen the developer providing the land for the school which would be built by Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) once the 300th home was built on the new estate.

However, Crest Nicholson told the meeting the changes to the school conditions were requested by NCC.

The county council has not revealed why it asked for these changes but a spokesman for the authority did say: “Providing an adequate number of school places in growth areas, such as Daventry, is one of the county council’s priorities.

“We are committed to making sure that every child receives the quality education they deserve.

“We have listened to the representations from the community regarding the developments at Middlemore and Monksmoor and will review the options that are open to us over the next few weeks.”

But fears were expressed by district councillors that if the changes to the plans were given the go-ahead, then a primary school on the estate may not be built.

Cllr Alan Hills told the meeting: “A lot of us as councillors have been working very hard to alleviate the car parking problems at the schools and not building this primary school will just make these problems worse.

“I fear that if we allow these changes, this site will become a Middelmore part II.

“We, as Daventry District Council, got blamed for the primary school not being built on Middlemore whereas it was actually Northamptonshire County Council who made the decision not to build the school.

“Daventry needs a new school and it needs it sooner not later.”

DDC councillors were also unhappy with the proposed changes to reduce the size of the planned community centre for the estate by half.

These changes will be discussed by DDC officials and Crest Nicholson.