Fast food drive-thru at A14 set for approval despite council's litter concerns

The proposed drive-thru will be located next to the A14 at Cold Ashby
The proposed drive-thru will be located next to the A14 at Cold Ashby

A new drive-thru garage is set to be built near the A14 despite the parish council's concerns over litter and pollution.

Euro Garages Ltd has applied to Daventry District Council to build a drive-thru fast food restaurant in place of a hotel that had already been approved for the land, next to the A14 and just north of Cold Ashby.

Planning officers have recommended that the scheme is approved with a string of conditions, but the proposals have met with resistance from two nearby parish councils.

A written statement from Cold Ashby Parish Council states: "The parish council objected to the original application on the grounds of additional noise pollution, light pollution, litter and traffic volumes in an environment where these are already a serious problem.

"The substitution of a hotel, which would at least be quiet at night, by a further extended opening drive-thru food outlet will add to the noise, litter, traffic and general pollution.

"We asked Euro Garages for a meeting to discuss ways of mitigating the nuisance and to establish ongoing dialogue, but they refused.

"Consequently, our only defence against the inevitable deterioration in the quality of life in our village will be the planning conditions you can impose, and their effective enforcement in future."

The scheme has also met opposition from Thornby Parish Council, which lists its main concerns as the 'extra volume of traffic being created both during the construction process and once it is completed, the potential increase in rural crime levels, increased levels of littering on the site and adjacent roads and finally increased light pollution'.

Planning officers though say the proposal is acceptable, especially with regards to the design of the building.

The officer states: "It could be argued that the current approved proposal is more reminiscent of a 'dutch barn' which is typically found in rural areas."

Addressing the litter concerns from the parish councils, the district planning officer adds: "In reality it is unlikely that the planning system can control the behaviour of motorists who may choose to discard litter from their cars. At best conditions can be imposed to secure suitable bin facilities within the site."

Councillors on Daventry District Council's planning committee will vote on the proposal at its meeting next Wednesday (October 10).