Family of skeletons to be reburied in field

A small family group of 5th and 6th century skeletons are to be re-interred in a field near Nether Heyford.

The bodies were discovered in 2006 by metal-detectorists who found a brooch and sword buried with them. They were then excavated as part of a larger archaeological research project centred on a Roman Villa estate at Whitehall Farm. They will be re-interred on On Wednesday June 26 at 11am.

The graves included several warrior burials which had swords and daggers with them, and a female with items of jewellery. Also interred were an infant and several adolescents suggesting a family grouping.

Carbon-dating carried out showed that they lived sometime from the early 5th Century in the period after the Romans left, to the early 7th Century and the rise of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

Archaeological Director Steve Young said: “ The information gained from the study of these burials will help to understand the connection with the local inhabitants of the Roman period.”

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