Family face tough choices for Milly

AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD girl with a life-threatening brain tumour is back at home following an operation, but she may face yet more surgery in her fight for survival.

Milly Adkins from Daventry, underwent surgery in Oxford last week to reduce the size of a tumour.

It was first diagnosed in 2007, when she was aged four, and has since grown so large it poses a threat to her life.

Her family hoped the surgery would provide them with more time together and more options for future treatment of the tumour. But it was risky, and came with the potential for significant complications.

Following the eight-hour procedure on Wednesday, Milly spent time recovering in the high- dependency unit in the neuro- surgical ward at John Radcliffe Hospital. Immediately after the operation surgeons were optimistic they had managed to remove some of her tumour.

But the next day her parents Sam and Alex were told an MRI scan had shown only scar tissue had been removed resulting from a previous operation when Milly was four.

This means her tumour size has remained unchanged and the couple now face some difficult decisions as to how to proceed. There is an option of more surgery in the coming weeks, but another operation would be much more dangerous, and would certainly result in significant complications.

A bucket collection at Franklin’s Gardens in Northampton ahead of the Saints’ LV Cup semi-final against the Llanelli Scarlets on Sunday raised a staggering £2,293.

The family has also said thank you to those who have helped to raise funds for Milly’s appeal. Anyone who can help the family financially can call 01604 585810, email, or visit www. to donate.

The family has requested anyone who speaks to them about Milly avoids saying anything in her presence about her situation, in case it frightens her.