Fall prompts fresh calls for gritting

The Phoenix Centre & Community Centre car park, Daventry.
The Phoenix Centre & Community Centre car park, Daventry.

A Daventry father whose wife slipped over in an icy car park while carrying their four-year-old son said he was ‘appalled’ at the council.

Tom Long of Arnull Crescent expressed his anger and frustration at Daventry District Council’s policy to not grit their car parks.

County Councillor Chris Long got involved after being contacted by the couple who were left shaken by an incident in the community centre car park off Ashby Road.

Tom’s wife Emily and son were left with cuts and bruises after falling on the ice while carrying him.

He said: “It was sheer coincidence that I was there. My car had broken down and my wife Emily had picked me up.

“I waited in the car with our nine-month old daughter while Emily picked up our son from Dolphin Day nursery at about 12pm.

“If I hadn’t been there she would have been carrying our younger child and it could have been a lot worse.”

DDC provided grit for the car parks they own but have a policy not to grit them.

Simon Bowers, business manager at DDC said: “Based on our risk assessment it is the council’s policy not to grit the car parks it owns during icy weather, however we do provide grit bins that people can use if they wish.”

Many, including Cllr Long think this response isn’t good enough.

Helen Turland from the Daventry Community Association Playgroup has called for action after the last bout of snow prevented people using the centre.

She said: “It’s a disgrace. I dug out members of my staff and visitors from their spaces using a shovel I brought from home. They kept skidding. It is scary and unsettling when your car’s sliding about.”

Cllr Long is in talks with DDC about the issue having received complaints from several residents.

He said: “Local authorities are here to serve their residents, perhaps now is the time for them to listen to what residents are asking for.”