Facebook group leads to drugs bust in Barby

Cannabis factory, Barby.
Cannabis factory, Barby.
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AROUND £100,000 worth of cannabis was uncovered during a drugs bust at a village house.

Officers from Northamptonshire Police found out about the drugs farm in Barby after gathering intelligence from neighbours, which included a Facebook campaign after residents became suspicious.

A total of 372 plants were discovered when officers raided the semi-detached property on Ware Road last Thursday morning (May 10).

The whole of the upstairs of the property had been converted into a cannabis factory.

Two Vietnamese men, who were believed to be living at the house, are now being hunted by police in connection with the drugs.

Items of clothing and toothbrushes found at the property are being inspected by forensic officers but as yet no arrests have been made

PC Nick Peters, who is working on Operation Guardian for Northamptonshire Police, said: “We believe there were previously around 800 plants at the property but some of them were harvested over the weekend before we got here.

“This raid is the result of local intelligence within the community.

“Members of the public have provided us with information after becoming suspicious and smelling drugs in the area.

“They also started a Facebook campaign for something to be done and we’ve acted upon this.

“We understand that two Vietnamese men left the property last night (Friday, May 9).

“If anyone knows who they are or sees them in the area we would ask them to please come forward.”

Officers are also asking landlords to be more vigilant when renting out properties, as in this case proper checks were not carried out before the house was let.

PC Peters added: “Something we are pushing for now is for landlords to carry out proper checks before letting out properties.

“The owner of this house didn’t carry out full checks and accepted money up front from the tenant.

“This is something we see quite often when it comes to cannabis farms and is something that can be clamped down on.”

If you have any information about the cannabis farm call the police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.