Extra homes would grow village by half

ANOTHER step was taken this week in drawing up a plan to direct development away from villages.

The West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy will hopefully see fewer developments in villages, but will see the majority of growth concentrated on Daventry, as well as Northampton and Towcester.

The proposals say 41,760 homes will need to be built across west Northamptonshire by 2029, with nearly 7,000 being in Daventry.

The plan highlights as a preferred option a 6,000-home extension to Daventry on the ‘Churchfields’ site near the Country Park and B4036 to Long Buckby Wharf.

However, the 145-home Micklewell Park site to the east of the A361 near Middlmore is not included.

Chairman of the board, Cllr Chris Over, said: “One of the reasons for this plan is to try and curtail a degree of the speculative development.

“You could say there have been a considerable number of sites in surrounding villages that have come forwards recently. The plan will apply some form of consistency in future, if it gets approved. But there will still be some applications in the pipeline put in under the current system.”

Daventry’s MP Chris Heaton-Harris said: ““I am very keen the emerging joint core strategy comes into reality. This will give all of the villages considerably more protection from these kind of speculative developments and protect my constituents.

“I think most villages accept they will have to do something and there can be some developments which are useful for keeping younger people in the village. However it is the applications for 50+ homes which are causing the greatest concern.”

On Wednesday last week the joint planning unit approved changes to the plan requested by a planning inspector, and it now faces more public consultation and review before potentially being adopted.