Exit poll results show the Conservative party to be largest party...but will they have a majority?

Theresa MayTheresa May
Theresa May
The crucial surveys carried out at thousands of polling booths across the UK today hand the Tories the most votes...but they would not have an overall majority.

The exit poll released at 10pm show the Conservatives at 314, Labour at 266, SNP at 34 and Lib Dems at 14 seats. Not enough to give the Tories overall control.

Exit polls are thought to be more accurate than opinion polls as they ask participants how they have voted, rather than who they are going to vote for...but the Conservatives would only need an extra 12 seats to take overall control.

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Yesterday opinion pollsters had Theresa May's Conservatives in the lead with an average of 43 per cent iand Labour in second on 36.5 per cent.

Jeremy CorbynJeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

Actual results are yet to filter through, with the first of those likely to come from Houghton & Sunderland South at 11pm.

Both Northampton seats are not expected to be declared until around 3.30am.