Ex-Forces man was found dead in his flat

Northampton General Hospital.'Pic Paul Robinson    News ENGNNL00120110311171933
Northampton General Hospital.'Pic Paul Robinson News ENGNNL00120110311171933

A former member of the Royal Navy living in Weedon died from existing cardiac problems and taking an overdose of antidepressants.

At an inquest into the death of George Andrew Casey, 58, held yesterday (Wednesday) at Northamptonshire General Hospital, the coroner heard how Mr Casey had a history of cardiovascular problems which contributed to his death in August last year.

Born in Glasgow, Mr Casey served in both the Royal Navy and the Army and was a keen supporter of Celtic Football Club. He moved to Northamptonshire in 1978 and married his ex-wife Mrs Helen Davies in 1983.

She said: “He was a sociable person and made friends easily, he was a story talker.”

However Mrs Davies said Mr Casey, who has four children, had difficulty in holding down a job and smoked heavily. She said following his discharge from the Armed Forces he had begun to drink.

The inquest heard how Mr Casey had been affected by a bereavement and had been upset after being unable to visit his grandchildren.

Mr Casey was found dead in the bedroom of his flat on Riverside Court on August 4 by community carer Ms Zena Morgan of Long Lawford, Rugby.

Ms Morgan told the coroner how she had become friends with Mr Casey through her work with a neighbour.

The alarm was raised after one of Mr Casey’s neighbours expressed concerns after not seeing him for several days.

Mr Casey was known to go occasionally “off the radar”, but after his mobile phone was heard ringing inside his flat Ms Morgan reported her concerns to the manager of the self-contained flats.

She said that Mr Casey was “able and independent” but shortly before his death on July 30 he had admitted taking “a load” of sleeping pills and to have been drinking alcohol.

“I told him to stop this, I told him he was dicing with death,” said Ms Morgan.

Pathologist Dr Szuts of Northampton General Hospital said that as well as cardiovascular problems, post mortem tests found Mr Casey had “exceptionally high” levels of antidepressants in his blood.

Assistant coroner Hassan Shah ruled a narrative verdict on Mr Casey’s death. He said Mr Casey was a person with existing cardiovascular problems who had been taking an excessive amount of anti-depressants at the time of his death.