EU debate to be held in Daventry

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A debate on whether to leave or remain in the European Union will be held in Daventry ahead of the referendum.

The debate will give people the chance to hear arguments from both sides, and ask questions as well.

The event is being jointly organised by former Labour councillor Abigail Campbell and Cllr Chris Millar, Conservative leader of Daventry District Council.

It will take place on Thursday June 2 starting at 7pm and ending around 8.30pm, in the Icon centre off Eastern Way.

Speaking in favour of remaining in the EU will be former Shadow Minister for Europe Emma Reynolds MP. Speaking in favour of leaving will be Daventry’s MP Chris Heaton-Harris.

Abigail said: “A lot of people don’t feel they have enough information to make a serious decision, which will have a massive impact on individuals, families, businesses and more.

“I’m on the remain side, but we really want people who are undecided to come along. Hopefully the debate will help people make their minds up either way.”

Cllr Millar said: “Myself, I’m undecided at the moment, but during the recent election campaign while I was talking to people on the doorstep, a lot were asking questions and were undecided.

“We want those people to come along so they can hear both sides, ask questions and listen to answers.

“I’m going to chair the event. We’ll toss a coin to decide who goes first, and then the in and out representatives can make their arguments, and then we’ll open it up to questions.”

People wanting to attend can register online.

The referendum itself takes place on Thursday, June 23.