Warning to dog walkers at Daventry Country Park

SIGNS have gone up at Daventry Country Park advising visitors of toxic algae in the reservoir waters.

An outbreak of blue-green algae in the reservoir at Daventry Country Park has led to a call for visitors to not let their pets swim in the water.

Blue-green algae is made up of tiny organisms that develop naturally in warm conditions and can cause illness to any animals that drink it or come into contact with it.

Visitors to the country park, off Northern Way, are being urged to not let their dogs swim in the reservoir or drink from it while the algae is present. The algae may also be present on the shore as well as in the water.

Maria Taylor, community manager at Daventry District Council, said: “This algae can cause illness to dogs if they drink it and people need to be aware of the harm it can cause to their pets.

“We have put notices up around the park warning them of the algae and would strongly urge all visitors to avoid letting their dogs jump into the lake or drink from the shore until it has all gone.”

British Waterways has also put up notices in the park warning visitors about the blue-green algae, and while it’s not known how long it will remain in the reservoir for, the algae is expected to disperse naturally with the arrival of cooler weather and heavy rain.