War chest for turbine fight

VILLAGERS from a tiny hamlet near Daventry are getting set for what they describe as a ‘David and Goliath’ struggle to save their environment.

Winwick, near West Haddon, has a population of just 40, but is getting ready to fight a planning appeal from energy firm E.On to build seven wind turbines nearby.

The village’s anti-wind farm group, Protect Winwick, now faces potential bills of tens of thousands of pounds for technical and legal advice after the company appealed against Daventry District Council, saying it had taken too long to discuss the application.

However, DDC has said the delay was due to E.On failing to provide extra information asked for by the council.

Winwick’s fate will now be decided by a planning inspector, potentially leaving the villagers to face a bill for tens of thousands of pounds to hire legal and technical experts to represent them.

To help fund the struggle, the villagers have set up a fighting fund, with residents contributing what they can from their own pockets. They even have their own David and Goliath poster, created by local artist Chris Fiddes.

Winwick grandmother, 60 year old retiree Sue Sherman said: “This potential desecration of our village by E.On is on a truly dreadful scale, and we are digging deep to save our precious countryside for future generations.

“E.On has so many of these applications around the UK it probably couldn’t even point to Winwick on a map, but this is our home and we shall fight on, whatever the cost.”

Phillip Bradbury added: “Our David and Goliath poster shows exactly what we are up against – a village of 40 people tackling an energy giant with multi-million pound resources.

“But remember how the story of David and Goliath ended. And remember too, that unlike E.ON, the villagers of Winwick are fighting to preserve the Northamptonshire landscape.”