‘Stunning’ northern lights spotted over Northamptonshire skies: ‘Colours just exploded on the screen’

A resident spotted the rare sight with “bright” and “vivid” colours from his back garden

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, appeared in the night sky across Britain in a display that reached parts of the East Midlands.

People across Northamptonshire spotted the natural phenomenon as they were visible across many parts of the UK, with the Met Office confirming the sightings.

An “elated” resident spotted the rare sight with “bright” and “vivid” colours from his back garden in Daventry.

Nick Amsel, 48, Hayfields Luxury Dog Hotel owner, has been developing his astrophotography skills for more than five years now. Nick received a space weather alert on his phone at 7.35pm on November 6.

Nick said: “When I looked with my eye, there was a tiny hint of green, but only a very subtle hint. As soon as I rested my camera up on my fence, colours just exploded on the screen.

“You could see the wonderful bright greens and vivid pinks just literally there.”

The aurora borealis was spotted right across the UK on Sunday night, but that was not the only phenomenon that made an appearance that night.

Before the northern lights illuminated the skies, STEVE (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement), a rare aurora-like phenomenon, appeared for a brief time.

Nick said he was 10 minutes late to “the exciting phenomenon” STEVE.

He captured these “stunning shots” with his camera from the southwest of Daventry, five minutes outside the town.

“I was absolutely elated. You don’t expect to see the Northern Lights in Northamptonshire. I was happy to see them in my house, literally from my back garden. I was lucky,” said Nick.