Rubbish site is ‘health hazard’ on doorstep

CONCERNED neighbours are demanding action after putting up with ‘a big mountain of mess’ right on their doorstep for the past three years.

Residents of Abbey Court, in Dodford, live directly next to the land which they say is attracting vermin and causing a serious health hazard.

The yard, on Everdon Road, also houses an old caravan which neighbours say is sometimes attracting late-night visitors.

The problems have been reported to the Environment Agency.

Nikita Parsons, from Abbey Court, said: “I moved here in April 2010 and it’s just disgusting. I’ve got two sons aged five and eight and it’s not good having this here.

“There are rats and all sorts, it’s definitely a health hazard and just a huge mess.

“We see people coming in and out and staying in the caravan at strange times of day. We don’t know what they are doing or what’s going on.”

Neighbour Elaine Robinson added: “I’ve lived here for 16 years and originally the site was a second-hand car yard and then a motor truck storage place, and they were both totally fine.

“But it’s been in this state for more than three years now. We’ve been in touch with the Environment Agency but nothing has been done.

“We don’t know why it’s all been dumped here but we want something done about it, that’s all.

“All the houses here have families and it’s not acceptable. It’s embarrassing when people come to visit.”

The Environment Agency said it served an enforcement notice in July last year for the owner to clean up the land within two months. However the land owner has since gone missing an can’t be located.

A spokesman said: “We can’t currently see any risk of pollution at the site.”