Residents react angrily to yet more fly tipping on Daventry housing estate

Sofas, mattresses and other detritus have been abandoned across the Grange in recent weeks.
Sofas, mattresses and other detritus have been abandoned across the Grange in recent weeks.

There has been anger over the services provided by Daventry District Council’s (DDC) bins contractor which has resulted in fly tipping on a Daventry estate.

A sofa and bags of rubbish has been left in St Peter’s Close on the Stefen Hill estate.

The issue of the rubbish was reported to DDC by Cllr Wendy Randall, one of the councillors for the area, but nothing appears to have been done despite being there for more than two weeks.

Cllr Randall added: “I have been told the reason Amey have not been collected is because where the rubbish has been dumped is on private land.

“I have been in touch with DDC and have asked who the management company is so I can get in touch and ask them why the rubbish has not been cleared.

“I have even had an email suggested that I get in touch with the land registry to find out who it is and that it will only cost £6.”

The situation was further confused when Cllr Randall tried to find out more about the incident.

Cllr Randall added: “I called up and found that the case had been closed by Amey even though the rubbish was there. The issue as far as they were concerned was resolved but the rubbish was still there.”

She added that she had seen people using the area for fly tipping other items.

Cllr Randall said: “We were out when we were doing the clean up in the area last month.

“One of the people I was doing it with looked over and saw people getting things out of their car to dump.

“We started taking notes and registration plates of the car, they then very quickly put their stuff back in their car and drove away.”

DDC’s community manager Maria Taylor said: “As a council we treat incidents of fly-tipping very seriously and employ a dedicated fly-tipping crew who aim to remove waste left on public land within 24 hours of it being reported.

“However, as this waste has been fly-tipped on private land, the responsibility for its clearance rests with the landowner. While we offer guidance to private landowners who have been the victim of a fly-tipping incident, unfortunately this has proved difficult in this case as our initial inquiries have suggested up to four different landlords could hold responsibility for the parking area in question.

“We would like to remind people that anyone caught fly-tipping in Daventry District will be prosecuted.”

Anyone who sees waste being dumped illegally is urged to report it to DDC on 01327 871100 or at,uk/online.”