‘Noise will affect our quality of life’

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NEIGHBOURS who live just metres from a warehouse block fear their lives will become unbearable after permission was granted for the units to be operated late into the night.

In April the Tannen Group, which operates units B,C and D on Sopwith Way for storage and distribution, was refused permission by the West Northants Development Corporation (WNDC) to work at the units between the hours of 7am and 11pm.

But the WNDC planning committee reversed its decision on Tuesday after the London-based firm re-applied.

The Tannen Group had previously only been allowed to operate at the site between the hours of 8am and 8pm but said it will now build a 3.5-metre acoustic fence to cut down on noise pollution.

However, people who live on Highlands Drive, which backs directly onto the site at Drayton Fields industrial estate, say the constant clang of metal and movement of lorries will severely affect their sleep.

Clive Joynson said: “I’ve just bought a house on Highlands Drive and I am very disappointed with this decision. People have commented on the noise at the site already and the affect it has, so this will make it worse.

“And I feel that when these decisions are made they are unfortunately a lot harder to reverse if things do go wrong.”

Gloria Edwards-Davidson, who represents Abbey North on Daventry District Council, added: “These residents should be allowed to enjoy a quality of life and things like this can affect health and well being. Families are being disrupted and this noise can create a lot more stress.”

Despite these concerns the committee voted in favour of the changes after officers recommended them for approval.

Five of the WNDC board members said they believe the acoustic fence will make a difference and there is therefore no reason to refuse the application. Only two members voted against the changes.