Concern raised over fly tipping

Another instance of fly tipping outside a garage in Northampton.
Another instance of fly tipping outside a garage in Northampton.

The chairman of Weedon Bec Parish Council has raised concerns that fly tipping could increase in villages if plans for reduced opening hours of recyling centres go ahead.

Sue Butler made the comments after she visited Ellands Road in the village and found dumped near bins a bed base, a PC monitor and black bin bags at 7.30pm on Monday.

She fears that this problem could be exacerbated if the proposal by Northamptonshire County Council to close the Daventry Recycling Centre for two days a week goes ahead. Speaking about the rubbish Cllr Butler said: “It is very unsightly given it’s right next to the cemetery, canal steps and a way into our village.

“Yes, I do think that fly tipping could be more prevalent if tips close for those couple of days.

“However, if the tips do joined up thinking such that say Towcester and Daventry don’t close on the same days then people still have options during the weekdays so there will be no excuses.”

The current plans will see the recycling centre in Browns Road in Daventry closed on Wednesday and Thursday every week. It is currently open seven days a week. Towcester’s recycling centre would remain closed on Tuesday and Wednesday as it currently is.

Cllr Butler added: “We have been reporting to Canal and River Trust about fly tipping in this area for quite some time now as the bins are provided by it for boaters.

“In fairness the trust has been working hard to get this tipped rubbish removed but that costs it money.

“It acts on us reporting the rubbish tipped, which is positive, and sends out one of its own vans to remove it.”

Cllr Butler is also hopeful a resolution can be found which will prevent the problems from happening again.

She added: “We are hoping a solution like fencing and gate with waterways key to open might be the way forward here and be a necessary deterrent. We keep asking for this to be considered.”