Birdwatchers fly in to Daventry Country Park

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HUNDREDS, if not thousands, of birdwatchers are set to flock to Daventry Country Park over the coming days.

The twitchers are making there way there after Greater Yellowlegs – usually found in the Americas and pictured left – was spotted on the reservoir foreshore by Byfield man Gary Pullan on Wednesday morning.

Within minutes of identifying the bird, Mr Pullan had sent out a message to other local bird watchers which was then relayed online, through Twitter, and also sent out over a pager network to others.

Within a couple of hours dozens more were turning up to spot the bird.

The Greater Yellowlegs, a wader, is native to the Americas and at this time of year are usually found in the boreal forest of Canada and Alaska close to the Arctic.

For the winter the birds usually migrate south to the coasts of the USA and onto South America. The bird was last spotted in Northamptonshire in 1948.