Enterprise performance to be closely monitored

wheelie bins. news. wheelie bins in fletton on day 1 of unison strike (which covers dustmen).
wheelie bins. news. wheelie bins in fletton on day 1 of unison strike (which covers dustmen).

Enterprise performance should be reviewed every six months until they are achieving targets in all areas, a task panel has suggested.

The company, contracted by Daventry District Council and Northamptonshire County Council to carry out bin collections and ground maintenance, need better management according to a report which revealed missed bin complaints had increased by 637 per cent since Enterprise were contracted.

The Environmental Services contract task panel, chaired by Cllr Wendy Randall, made recommendations to change the way the contract is managed at a meeting of the scrutiny and improvements committee at DDC on Tuesday.

She said: “We could accept bin complaints increasing in year one but for the problem to still be occurring in year two (an estimated 1,722 missed bin complaints) is ridiculous.”

The panel’s recommendations included more robust use of the Paymech tool – used to penalise poor performance using deductions.

However the review revealed this tool saw no performance deduction applied until the end of 2011/12.

Performance deductions since that time have in principle been applied but most are currently subject to dispute.

The report reads: ‘There is an amount of £407,000 under consideration but the figure could not be counted on for accounting purposes due to the outstanding dispute over household numbers.’

Cllr Randall said: “The contract has not been managed effectively because we should have been hitting targets. “Now I’m asking the question how were these bins missed? And why is there a dispute over this huge sum of money?”

The recommendations will now go to senior management teams and portfolio holders before going to DDC full council for approval.


Missed bin complaints increased by 637 per cent to 5,900 compared with 800 pre-contract and compared to the 750 target.

Residual waste has dropped but is still above the 310kg per household target at 494.59kg per household.

Of 213 people surveyed by DDC 48 per cent said they were fairly or very dissatisfied with Enterprise for not keeping public land clear of litter and refuse. 42 per cent were dissatisfied with for grounds maintenance.