End of term fundraiser at school

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A SPECIAL fundraiser for the Dogs Trust was held at Daventry’s Abbey Junior School on the last day of term.

Teacher Kelly McNally said: “Since the pupils came back from their half term break the topic in class has been animals. We wanted them to learn about how to look after animals and the other responsibilities that entails so we invited someone from the Dogs Trust in to school.

“They brought along Otis the Staffordshire bull terrier and taught the children what dogs need and how to look after them.

“They’ve also done lots of other work around the topic, including fictional writing.

“We thought because the children had enjoyed it so much that it would be nice to do a fundraiser for the Dogs Trust at the end of term.”

On Friday the school invited in parents and friends to buy up cakes, crafts and other items.

Miss McNally said: “There were books, toys and craft items made by the children, plus they baked a tonne of cakes too.”

The total raised will be known once the school returns from its Easter break.