Emergency work to dangerous building

Dangerous building in Warwick Street
Dangerous building in Warwick Street

Emergency measures have been taken to shore up a dilapidated building in the heart of Daventry in danger of falling into the street.

Daventry District Council stepped in to carry out work on the building in Warwick Street last week after recent high winds gave them concerns over the structure. And next month DDC will be going to court over the state of the building.

Cllr Chris Over, ward member for DDC, said: “This is a dangerous and awful mess on one of the main approaches to the town. It is near a school and a retirement home. It blocks the pavement, and looks awful. It is not owned by the council, and officers have worked through all the necessary steps, and have been left with only one course of action. It is a blatant case of wilful neglect by the owners.”

Simon Bovey, deputy chief executive of Daventry District Council, said: “The council took emergency action to make the building safe using the powers available to it under the Building Act 1984.

“We are continuing to monitor the state of the building and, following the recent bad weather, are carrying out further work to ensure the continued stability of the structure.

“The council is also pursuing the building’s owners through the necessary legal processes in order to get them to make permanent repairs. If they fail to do so following a court order, then the Council will step in and carry out any work deemed necessary.”

A court date has now been set for April 7 at Northampton Magistrates’ Court.