EMAS told Daventry needs a hub

THE construction of a third ambulance hub has been recommended to the East Midlands Ambulance Service by Northamptonshire County Council following a request for the council’s views on their 
Being The Best consultation.

In a submission, NCC suggested a third hub be constructed to the west of the M1, with easy access to the M1, A45 and A5 with the ability to better serve Daventry and Towcester. This follows residents’ concerns that Daventry will be left unserved under new plans which would see the ambulance station on Staverton Road close and replaced with 13 hubs and 118 community ambulance posts.

The hubs are intended to be areas for vehicle servicing and maintenance while the community posts are to be temporary areas for ambulances to wait for calls. At a meeting on December 3 residents were left unconvinced by EMAS’s commercial director who said the plans would make the service more efficient.

An NCC scrutiny group has conveyed these concerns to EMAS in their submission along with the need for improved response times in comparison to those currently being experienced.