EMAS to review results after months of 

A PUBLIC consultation into proposed changes to the East Midland Ambulance Service closed last week.

Residents of the district were asked to give their views on the proposals which would see the closure of the current station on Staverton Road and the creation of 13 hubs and 118 community ambulance posts across the county.

Following a heated public meeting in Daventry in which EMAS was asked to explain how the changes would benefit the district, Daventry residents now await the unveiling of the final plans for the service to see if their feedback has affected the proposals.

Calls for a ‘hub’ to be built in Daventry were heard from residents and local councillors who believe Daventry will not be properly served under the proposed changes.

A meeting on January 10 will consider the feedback.

On Monday, January 28 the final plans for the service will be reviewed and discussed at an EMAS trust board meeting.

Any decision reached at that meeting will then be communicated to the public via the EMAS website, Twitter and in the Daventry Express following a media release on January 29, 2013.