Election check list for Daventry residents

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WITH the election for Police and Crime Commissioner taking place on Thursday (November 15), Daventry District Council are reminding residents what they need to do on polling day.

Residents should have already received a card with details of their local polling station and stations will be open from 7am until 10pm on the day.

When voting it is recommended that voters take their voting card with them - although forgetting your card will not mean you cannot vote.

Polling staff will give you an election paper for the PPC election and anyone living in the Brixworth ward will also receive a ballot paper for the election of a Daventry District Councillor.

Staff cannot give out ballot papers past 10pm so voters are advised to arrive in good time.

Finally if you have applied for a postal vote it must be received by the returning officer by Thursday November 15 at 10pm - if you have left it too late to post it you can return it to any polling station in the Daventry District for the PCC election and any polling station in the Brixworth Ward for the Brixworth bi-election or at the Daventry District Council offices on Lodge Road.

For more information about the elections visit: www.daventrydc.gov.uk/elections