Elderly warned to guard against digital switchover con artists

BOGUS television engineers may look to target elderly and vulnerable people across Northamptonshire, police have warned.

With the TV digital switchover set to take place at the end of March officers have warned residents to be vigilant against the threat of bogus callers knocking on doors offering to re-tune their televisions.

And police have said that thieves and con artists could single out the homes of people who might be unsure about the change-over.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “These people will deliberately target the elderly and vulnerable who may have concerns about the switchover and their intention will be to enter the property and steal money, handbags and other small items of value.

“There are organisations that will help with the switchover and their employees will carry identification. Please ensure that before you let anyone into your property you have had a good look at any identification offered and that you feel comfortable about them being there.

“The best policy would be to ask a relative or trusted neighbour to help and advise you with the re-tune and not to let strangers into your house.”

People with any concerns can contact the police on 03000 111 222.