Eight new specialist search dogs set to support front line policing in Northamptonshire

New puppies are being trained to become specialist sniffer dogs.
New puppies are being trained to become specialist sniffer dogs.

Northamptonshire Police is preparing to welcome eight new specialist search dogs to help officers track down evidence of criminal activity.

Likely to be spaniels and Labradors, the dogs will be trained to detect firearms, drugs and cash, with the first four set to arrive from this March, followed by another four in 2020.

Once fully trained, the puppies will be partnered with the force’s existing dog handlers and their general purpose dogs. These are taught to follow human scent, allowing them to search for people or property.

Deputy Chief Constable Rachel Swann said: “Our police dogs are very much part of the policing family and play a vital role in fighting crime and protecting people, so it’s a very proud moment to be announcing these new canine recruits.

“Police dogs do things humans can’t, and are a real help to officers on the front line, from assisting in searches for missing people and locating evidence to catching suspects in challenging conditions.

Work to source suitable dogs for the specialist search training is already underway.

Some may be taken on as part-trained youngsters, while others may join the force as puppies.

She added: “Specialist search dogs are invaluable in the fight against organised crime. Their ability to detect criminal activity involving firearms, drugs and cash is a real support to the work of our officers.

“The presence and use of police dogs also gives confidence to the public, who like us see real value in what they do. These new dogs will increase our local capabilities and are very much an investment in front-line policing in Northamptonshire.”