St James celebrates 100 years

St James Infant School in Daventry is holding a three-day celebration to mark 100 years of its standing in the town.

Today (Thursday) staff and students will be dressed up and singing songs from 1913, 1940 and the 1960s.

Tomorrow pupils will bury a time capsule in the school grounds and mark it with a plaque donated by Timpson’s of Daventry. They will also be releasing balloons supplied at a discounted rate by the Card Factory and holding a tea party.

Headteacher Judith Amery said: “I am really proud to be the head teacher on this momentous occasion.

“We are all excited about the 100th birthday and the children and adults have been preparing for a long time, thinking of special ways to celebrate.”

Ex-pupils, staff and associates of the school from over the years are invited to the big tea party on Friday and summer fair on Saturday to celebrate with the school.

Ms Amery said: “We hope this will be a really happy community event as the school is so special to so many people of Daventry. The children are very excited and have already started making birthday cards for the school!”