School campaign receives backing

Andrew Mackereth.
Andrew Mackereth.

The head of the Parker E-ACT academy has given his support to the Gusher’s new Daventry Schools Matter campaign.

Launched last week, Daventry Schools Matter aims to highlight the good work being done by schools in the community and to promote the town’s competitive educational offering.

Earlier this year, the Daventry Express revealed that one third of primary students were leaving town for their education due to a lack of confidence among some parents in the educational offering at town secondaries.

Andrew Mackereth said: “First of all I think it is a valuable piece of work. I met a parent earlier this week that said she had seen the campaign in the paper the previous week and– rather than listen to the some of the more negative comments from some parents in the playground – she wanted to come to take a look at the school. She was very pleased with what she saw.

“There is so much going on across Daventry schools and I am very fortunate to have a close relationship with primary schools. It is great to be able to show the community the fabulous things our schools are doing.”

In particular, Mr Mackereth raised the Book Buddies programme launched at the school last week in which children from Falconer’s Hill Academy, Falconer’s Hill Infants and Parker Academy came together, with older students reading to the youngest from a range of storybooks. It is now set to become annual event.

“It was inspirational,” Mr Mackereth said. “There was one adult present in the room who was moved to tears.”

He hoped that through stronger partnerships with local schools Daventry secondaries would be able to improve their offering by providing a “consistently good” standard of education from foundation and primary level through to secondary school.

He said: “It is about making sure children have a level of support to ensure they make progress in the ways they best learn.

“I think I am conscious since I arrived in the town that the health of our schools is important to the health of our community.

“It is vital children know when they go to Daventry schools they will receive the education they need to thrive.”

Mr Mackereth said Parker had recently received a visit from a representative of the Department for Education who said there has been a “significant change” in the school’s fortunes since November.