Question Time event comes to college

Students from the Northampton College in Daventry got the chance to question a panel of local professionals on Monday in a Question Time-style event.

The panel line-up included leader of DDC Chris Millar, Cllr Alan Hills, Cllr Chris Over, business engagement manager for the SWAN Sam Fitzgerald and County Cllr Chris Long.

Pupils asked about plans for the regeneration of Daventry, what the town had going for it and how the council would help get young people into employment. A discussion also took place around the value of apprenticeships with the panel assuring students they should not feel pressured to go to university.

Cllr Millar said: “Daventry is going to become a very exciting place with the development of the town centre vision and it will bring more jobs to the area as well as retail units and a new cinema.”

Councillors listed the iCon centre, UTC, outdoor gym and nature trails as some of the positives of living in Daventry, as well as employment opportunities. Cllr Hills added: “The unemployment in Daventry is one of the lowest in the country, about 2.5 per cent, and the number of people seeking jobs actually matches the number of vacancies.”

Councillors also told students about the low rental prices for people starting up new businesses in the town and encouraged them to think about entrepreneurial opportunities.

Ms Fitzgerald said: “You can’t just expect a job to come to you, you have to go out and grab one by getting experience and working part time and we can help you with that.”