Pupils say goodbye to retiring headteacher

IT is the end of an era for East Haddon Primary School as headteacher Stephen Lord retires after nearly 30 years.

A party was organised at the school on Thursday last week for former and current pupils, parents and staff to say farewell to the long-serving headteacher.

Mr Lord, who arrived in January 1982 from a school in Market Harborough, said: “My most important achievement was getting the extension added onto the school around seven years ago.

“We had been battling for a long time to get this extension as it is an old building. It meant we had more space for the children.

“There was also the time we had 100 per cent in the Level Five SATs. It was an amazing achievement.”

He is proud of the continued high standards after nearly three decades of teaching.

Mr Lord, 62, added: “When we had our last Ofsted inspection last year we were ranked as good and there was high praise for the level of teaching at the school which is really nice to hear.”

In his retirement Mr Lord plans to spend more time with his grandson and on his new allotment. He also hopes to travel around the entire coast of Britain.

Speaking to all of the people associated with the school over the years, Mr Lord said: “I have had a blast, I have loved my time here. It’s been great.

“I think it was the right time to go, because of the good Ofsted inspection last time around and you want to go out on a high when you have achieved everything.

“I think I have managed to leave the school in a better position than when I joined and when I turn the key to lock the school for the last time, it will be that feeling that hits me.”

No permanent replacement for Mr Lord has yet been appointed.

Deputy headteacher Claire Truslove will take on the role in a temporary capacity when school starts again in September.