Pupils learn about their local area

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Children at Ashby Fields Primary School spent a day out of the classroom,

Year Two students visited Daventry District Council’s as part of a day out of the classroom exploring their local area.

They started their day exploring their local housing estate Lang Farm, followed by a trip to the Country Park where they did a traffic survey.

Lunch was at the Abbey building followed by a visit to DDC to learn about what happens each year when their school is shut for elections.

The children were also given the opportunity to find out about the new skate park and play area at the New Street Rec,

Finally they found out about all the different fun and exciting events that DDC’s community project officers are organising, including the Easter Egg hunt taking place later this month and they were also able to cast an official vote to decide which film they would like to be shown at the Daventry Film festival later on this year.