Parker head teacher claims Warwickshire schools are actively ‘poaching’ pupils

Andrew Mackereth.
Andrew Mackereth.

The head of Parker E-ACT Academy, Andrew Mackereth, has said schools in Warwickshire are actively ‘poaching’ primary school who would otherwise go to the two town secondary schools.

Mr Mackereth made the comments in an interview with BBC Radio Northampton after an investigation by the Daventry Express revealed one in three local primary school children last year moved on to secondaries outside the town.

Mr Mackereth said: “I am desperate to be able to provide the best education I can and know my funding is entirely driven by my pupil numbers and that the quality of experience and the kind of work you can have when you have a very small school of children of one particular type or characteristic is less interesting, less stimulating and less challenging.”

He added: “I do think it is just too easy of schools in neighbouring authorities to harvest our young people. I don’t quite know whether we should be setting up roadblocks at the boundaries, but I think it is too easy for Warwickshire schools to organise a bus which comes right past the two secondary schools with pick up points 100 metres from the gate.”